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Before agreeing to any policy, carefully read the Terms and conditions. Registering yourself on the website would make you abide by the terms and conditions of the brand. All rights are reserved to The Baxsa Co. to change, modify and amend the policy without providing any notice.

Privacy Policy

  1. Register yourself only if you agree to all of the terms and conditions.
  2. If you do not agree to multiple or even one, kindly don't register yourself.
  3. Registering yourself to the website would require adding a few personal details. The Baxsa Co. brand is not responsible for any misuse of the data.
  4. You are solely responsible for the data you shared on the website, social media, and elsewhere, where The Baxsa Co. holds its account.
  5. Your registration details and your credentials are part of The Baxsa Co.'s privacy policy.

Product Policy

  1. While we do our best to ensure that the product colors shown on our website are accurate, there may be subtle color differences during production due to inks used, weather conditions, and paper textures. Since our products are made on orders, you should be sure that any slight color variations (if any) that are possible from our final printed products can't be returned. 
  2. There might be a slight color change in the picture provided on the website and social media compared to the actual product. 
  3. Images for customization should be uploaded in high resolution and PDF format only.
  4. If the image is not uploaded in high resolution, we are not liable for any changes in the customized design boxes.
  5. The third party carries out shipping. Therefore, The Baxsa Co. is not responsible for any damage incurred during transportation. 



All the rights regarding the brand, the product, and the trademark are reserved with The Baxsa Co. We do not provide any guarantee or warranty for our products. Furthermore, we take no responsibility if someone misuses your information entered on the website or our social media handles.

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