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Four undeniable reasons why your brand cannot compromise on effective packaging

Four undeniable reasons why your brand cannot compromise on effective packaging

Your product and its packaging both represent your brand and its promise to deliver a quality experience to your consumers. Looking around, you'd find that in today's times, packaging is not only about covering and protecting the products from external damage anymore. Instead, today the packaging also includes the details of the product like its manufacturing date, expiry date, the ingredients used, address of the manufacturer, its safety standard licences and much more. 

Packaging today has become a medium to communicate your brand and its various details to your customers and even to others in your targeted segment. Furthermore, special or customised packaging, which is in trend these days, involves an element of creativity that aims to surprise the receivers and consumers alike and often leads to word-of-mouth promotions. Good packaging narrates a story of itself, and this is what your consumers are looking out to explore and experience more. 

Four Benefits of Good Packaging that cannot be ruled out

  1. Appeal
  2. Identity
  3. Promotion
  4. Stand out

Let's see what difference packaging can make to your brand and product and how:


A packaging that is unique, innovative and beautiful will always boast of an unmissable appeal that can even surpass the features and functionality of the product. For sure, creatively and aesthetically packaged products can draw more customers and more sales, owing to the attraction they can induce in humans, for their pleasant appeal. It's only human to get attracted to anything that looks unique, beautiful, and also human not to ignore anything that looks pleasant and appealing to our eyes. Do you agree?

So, does your packaging create an appeal that your consumers are looking for?


The ultimate challenge for every brand is to create and establish an identity for itself, for which it can forever be known and remembered as and even distinguished from its competition. 

Now, you must be wondering how packaging can create your brand identity?

Well, let us simplify it. Firstly, imagine buying a product that's tightly packed in a box, and it gets hard to take it out. How difficult and time-consuming can it be? Or imagine a piece of brownie packed in a crushable plastic box? Or are your festive gifts packed in earthy colours? Did these packaging solutions hook your interest? Certainly not!

Secondly, will you buy a product with unpleasant packaging? Of course not!

Lastly, will you think highly about the brand when you see the product with inappropriate and time-consuming packaging with challenges to open up? Definitely not!

Hence, before you can understand, your packaging silently defines and describes your brand's identity and what it stands for: convenience, trust, or distrust and inconvenience and much more. Your packaging is the front face to which your consumers can relate your brand and remember it for. Many consumers are seen to reuse good carry bags and boxes after their purchase simply because the packaging that is impactful or useful is often reused by many. 

Also, agree or not, but appropriate packaging reflects your brand's purpose, identity and its unique message amidst its consumers and target audience.

Exactly, now, if you are a baker, you can easily apply this formula to your bakery products as well. Your product packaging will define your identity. Suppose your bakery foods are packed in creative, elegant and easy-to-open boxes that are soothing and provide ease, then for sure, customers are likely to incline towards your products more. Ain’t it?

A packaging that is unique, creative, innovative and stands out from the clutter makes all the difference to all your products. The race today for every product and every business is not just to sell their product but to sell the most beautiful, convenient and exclusive experience to its consumers, unlike none other. 

Creating a unique packaging style that can help your audience and consumers to identify your brand and product for who you exactly are and also help them to differentiate your brand and the product from the competition is the art and strategy you'd seriously need to work on or invest in, if you want your brand to grow more.

You need to create a distinct identity for your brand and your product or even retain it for as long as you want to run your business. Do you agree?


As explained above, good packaging includes everything that defines your brand and your product. When a box with your unique logo and packaging is carried home, or to the party or even during your travel, it cannot go unnoticed for sure. The goal of your brand promotion to capture the attention of multiple eyes only gets easier this way.

The presence of your brand is created in the minds of the people, the moment they see it. Awareness or curiosity about your brand amidst the public at large and even amidst your target audience can also not be overlooked. 

We can bet that excellent and thoughtful packaging is sure to create that required buzz about your brand, and word of mouth is always a better promotion technique than other marketing tactics. 

Promotion this way is done without you spending a penny on marketing. Doesn't it feel like putting the icing on your cake, when after creating your awesome products, you indulge the same passion and commitment in your packaging too and only to get such benefitting results?

We're sure you won't deny the fact that it will be worth it!

Stand out:

That which is different always stands out amidst the crowd. Therefore, even your packaging can help your brand to stand out from your competition if and only if your out-of-the-box packaging ideas can have the power to hook your customers or audience like none other.

Psychologically, people tend to get attracted to unique things. And when your brand can customise your product packaging as per your customers' needs, then the possibility of alluring your customers can scale up higher than your imagination for sure. 

Even if you are a baker, the chances are equally steep if your brand aspires to provide bespoke experiences to its customers with your unique and customised packaging styles. 

Small things add more value to your product. A beautifully arranged meal tempts people more and motivates them to have an extra morsel. Similarly, an elegantly packed cake or other items make people spend more on your product, consequently increasing your profit and value in the market alongside.

At Baxsa, we're also doing the same to help you provide the best packaging experience your customers can cherish you for and remember you for lifetime. Our goal is to ensure that your products must get a fair justice, for they definitely deserve one.  

Seeing your brand achieve all the above said goals is the mission even we at Baxsa strive for, with our consistent integration of innovative ideas and technology.

So do you still think you can do away with great packaging, or have we burst out your myths a bit?

Stay connected to read out even more benefits in our next instalment next month.

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